Hello from Loveland Pass, Colorado!

This weekend I went up to Colorado to do some stuff for the house.  We're coming back on the 28th to go pick out all of our options - and the book they give you of the options doesn't show anything at all.  So I came out here for the weekend, was going to make a weekend of it with my daughter, but she's 21 now and doesn't want to spend any time with her dad  : (   so I came out by myself.  She has a new boyfriend so I can understand (SORT OF).

So I first went over to the lot where the house is going to be built.   This is amazing -  check this out!   We were last there on July 28th.  And the house behind us had just got his foundation poured.   Now its a full house with a roof and everything.   No electrical has gone in but its framed and roofed.   That is fast!  People that we met out there (Last time we were there we walked up them while they were in their backyard since they have the same house that we are going to get), well the dirt lot we walked thru on July 28th is now a full house too!  From dirt lot to Framed and roofed 40 days.   That is gonna scare the crap out of me when we get a foundation poured as we'll know its getting close.

I went to the design studio which is south of Denver at 12 noon on a Friday - and the traffic was great, Sure couldnt drive thru downtown Los Angeles at noon like that.  I spent 4 hrs at the design studio taking pictures of the tiles and granite options, etc.    check it out @ 


Then I went to dinner and a movie (World trade center)  (wait for the DVD) 

Saturday I had all day to do stuff - so I went up to the rockies and within an hour and a half I was here at Loveland pass which is at 11,212 feet.

It was pretty amazing.  There was rain yesterday so it was snowing up here.   I then went up to Lake Dillon, which a friend of Janis said was really beautiful so I went up to check it out.   It was very cool, I had to drive thru the Eisenhower tunnel which is on top of the rockies -

11,112 feet,  right through the continental divide! It is 1.6 miles long!

Annual snow fall in the area averages 315 inches (26 feet) for the months of November through April but more on that later!! 11 miles on the other side of this tunnel is Lake Dillon.  An awful lot of chalets and places to rent, so it is a real nice resort area. 


The reason I went up here in the first place was to see some foliage.  There aren't a lot of trees up here that aren't evergreens, so not much foliage to look at but there were some aspens that were already turning colors


Hopefully when we come back up on the 28th there willl still be some foliage left.   I assume if we go to the southern end of Colorado it will be slower to evolve.  This was at 10,000 feet, so in the lower elevations it will take longer for the foliage to turn.