Dodger game 09/02/06

My nephew Matt Gray called up Saturday nite and asked if Janis and I wanted to go to a Dodger game suite with him and some of his buddies on Sunday afternoon.     He is an exec at Paramount (well he will be one of these days so I will be the first to call him that).

The Dodgers got shellacked 12-5.   Here are a few photos of the game.

Colorado pitcher Byung Kim sidearms his way to victory

Furcal steals another one!

Matt and I enjoy the game.  I was dillusional as I had the  rally cap on thinking that the Dodgers were going to come back from a 7-2 deficit


Rally cap time!

The highlight of the game was this girl who thought she would win a bet by her friends in the right field seats.   If it meant going to jail and delaying the game for about 15 min, she was right! I’ve been to about 5 sporting events in my life with a streaker (naked) running thru the event, and this was the first time I was upset that the person was clothed!! LOL