Moving to Colorado!

Went out to Colorado last weekend and looked at houses to buy.  Between my brother dying, Vinny Guzman,, Gary, we just figured that life was too short to not do what you want to do.   So we looked around all day on Sunday and found nothing.  We kept going back to the same house that we liked so much, but was a bit big for us.   If we could get it in a 2500 sq ft size with the same downstairs floor plan it would be perfect, but we couldn't find it. 

So we went back to the model of the house that we keep comparing houses to, looked at it again, took some pictures ,  and decided to buy it.    Its 3150 sq ft, on a 14000 sq ft lot, a 3 car garage and a great view of the Rockies and sunsets from the master bedroom deck. The rockies aren't as close as this picture, taken from a hotel in Westminster, but similar..

It won't be ready until about February as its a dirt start which will give us enough time to pack LOL .