Katmai bears - movie "the Grizzly Man" review

  Saw the movie Grizzly Man that chronocles the life and death of Tim Treadwell, who went to Alaska every summer to study and "protect" the grizzly bears.  He was extremely delusional if he thought these bears needed protecting, as they were extremely capable of fending for themselves.  The movie shows some great scenery of Alaska and the Brown Grizzly, but one of the first things you learned when you go up there to observe the bears is you must stay at least 50 yrds from one bear, and 100 yrds from a bear and its cub.   And he was close enough to pet the cubs which was insane!


Just look at the claws on this baby cub that I photographed last year when I went up to Brooks Lodge in Katmai, Alaska.  One swat and you're decapitated.