Tom Mullen

About Me

Tom Mullen is an award winning photographer with over 40 years of experience. He bought his first SLR camera at the age of 12, and has been creating magical images ever since.


After shooting film for 20 years Ih ave changed to digital, which lets us work in the digital studio to create the best portraiture available. Photoshop and other software tools allows us to create the style that sets Mullen Photography apart from other studios.


Living in Southern California most of my life, I recently relocated to the Las Vegas after living in the Denver area for 9 years. Living in Denver allowed  the ability to concentrate on taking incredible landscape photography and the ability to have our portrait studio in our residence. The move to Las Vegas was due to having grandchildren in CA and wanting to be closer to them.  Downsizing to not having a portrait studio in the house is a shock, but having the time and ability to focus on what I love to do can still happen in a smaller space! 


 I realized that my love and specialty is album design and fine art canvas's and albums.  There are a lot of shoot and burn photographers out there, and since the advent of digital and the Iphone cameras, most people think they are a photographer.

In my opinion, having a digital photographer does not make you a professional photographer when you shoot a wedding and hand over a CD of images for $500.00.  I've talked to clients that I've consulted with for their weddings 6 months later and gave them a follow up call, to see how "uncle Bob" did shooting their wedding, and I've had more than one say they hadn't even looked at the CD yet!    

My goal is to create a stunning wedding album that you can be proud to display as well as pass down to your children, as the archival paper in an album makes it last a lifetime! Having a canvas display on your wall will also last forever.

Your CD that you have in your drawer (if you can find it) will not last a lifetime, especially when you lose it, scratch it, step on it and crack it, etc.   Let Mullen Photography show what I can do with those images.  You won't be disappointed!