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Friday, July 01, 2016
By Mullen Photography

Las Vegas!

Leaving Las Vegas was the name of a pretty good movie.  Leaving Denver is my new movie. Time for another new chapter in the book of life.  My life began in LA, and then went to Denver for 9 years, and now it's time to get closer to LA without actually living in LA.  It's just too expensive, and too much traffic.  But then again, Las Vegas has traffic but its not like we're moving to the strip! 

So what brings us closer to home?  

This little guy!


My daughter said when she was pregnant with Ryan that we'd have to move back in 2, 2 1/2 years.  and well, it only took 20 months. Especially when she told us the news.  Well actually, Ryan told everyone the news, on facebook.  He's going to have a baby brother!! 


We sold our home without listing it, flew to Vegas three days later for two days, and bought a house!  This was all within a month!  

It was a great move to be closer to the grand kids, LA Kings hockey games, where we've been season ticket holders since 1994.

In November 2016 Derek Kenji entered our lives, and he's been nothing but a blessing.  He grew to love his brother Ryan, and loves his papa (ME) so that is even better.  

Here's a newborn picture of Derek and Ryan.