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Monday, May 25, 2009
By Tom Mullen

We had a great thunderstorm yesterday, pretty much all day. Had a tornado watch for about an hour, a LOT of hail (most that I've ever seen) and great storm clouds.

Here's a few photos I took after the storms stopped in our area. .

Friday, May 15, 2009
By Tom Mullen

Well we had a real nice time in Cambria visiting with Elliot and Rob. Eliot had previously had 2 strokes so we went out to see him and his son Rob (Janis' cousin). We got to Cambria just in time too as Robbie called when we were turning on the street to the hospital saying Elliot was being released right then. So we got there to basically take him out to the car and drive up to Elliots house in Cambria. Our hotel rooms that we rented was in San Luis Obisbo near the hospital and the Madonna Inn, so we quickly cancelled that room and tried getting a hotel room covered with our 'points' near Cambria, but they didn't have any available. It was spring break week up there so a hotel near the ocean was not going to be cheap. Luckily Rob works as an auditor in one of the hotels so we were able to get the employee rate for 2 rooms which was real nice.



 Eliot, Phil, Rob and Janis, 5/12/09, Cambria, CA

We saw a lot of California poppies on the road driving up there, but not a lot of wildflowers yet. Probably about a month too early. . poppy

Janis took this when I slowed down on the side of the road - great shot Janis! On the way home from Cambria we stopped at Casa De Carlos, where Janis' family has been eating for 40+ years. It was Phil's birthday on Friday so for his birthday dinner we took him there after a 5 hour drive from Cambria. The owner now (son of the original owners) was there which was a nice surprise as Larry usually works at the Chatsworth location instead of the the Woodland Hills location which was down the street from Janis' family house when they lived there. casa

Phil, Janis, Bobby, and Larry at Casa De Carlos, May, 2009

By the time we got back from Woodland Hills and dinner which started @ 8:45pm, we got back to Solana Beach at 12:20 am!

Monday, March 30, 2009
By Tom Mullen

We shot Chelsea and Robert's wedding on Saturday at the beautiful Trinity Methodist church in downtown Denver. The Church has been around since 1859.  It is a gorgeous church with a beautiful pipe organ.








Here's a collage of images

Thursday, March 05, 2009
By Tom Mullen

Springtime in Colorado!


Flowers in the yard are sprouting already. We've got flowers that we planted 18 months ago resprouting already. I think this means that the summer will be awfully hot, we've had no rain/snow to speak of, I think we shoveled the driveway 3x this year. This photo was from Thanksgiving and I think that was the biggest snow we got.

Its nice that we didn't have a blizzard or anything, but the winter has been so wierd here. Last year it was not bad either. Two years ago when the house was being built they had the 2 blizzards back to back, and it snowed every weekend from Christmas till February 20th, as every weekend I tried coming out to see the house progression and it was snowing so I didn't come out.


This was taken 1/15/07 when the house was being built. We've never had snow this bad.

It also was really windy today. One thing they have here is wind! Janis was out watering the grass yesterday and today as its in high 60s. The grass is dormant but we want it dormant not "dead" The sprinklers don't even get turned on until April 11th or something.

Thursday, February 05, 2009
By Tom Mullen

Janis and I did a nice little roadtrip today to Ogallala, Nebraska about 3 hrs away. There were supposed to be 60 or more eagles there 2 weeks ago so thought we'd go take some photos - we got there at 11 am and were there till about 4:30pm, and saw about 9 of them in the area that we were at.