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Tuesday, December 26, 2006
By Tom Mullen

Friday, 22 December 2006

  • Colorado update

    Went to Colorado Sunday and Monday to do a walk thru inspection of the electrical and all before they start drywalling.  The place is starting to look pretty good!   We met with the low voltage company who puts in the wiring and cat 5 cable and surround sound speakers etc.   They also put in the vacuum system that we're going to have since the house is so freekin big and I don't want to drag a vacuum cleaner around so instead will just be dragging a 30' vacuum hose!  (that doesn't seem to be 'better' now that I think about it!)  

    The electrical only had a few mistakes but the biggest mistake was a shower where there should have been a bath tub and a bathtub where there should have been a shower.   So the head foreman called his plumbers and they came and within about 45 min it was all switched out and framed.   That is totally awesome - I can't believe how fast they work. 

    One of the things that we needed to change or have them be made aware of was the study downstairs We had a study off the entryway and we converted it to a bedroom (so my mom could stay there or if she decides not to move out Janis' folks, etc..  So if you make the study a bedroom then you lose the 2 french doors and the living room now becomes a study.   So we went there and there were no french doors or walls to attach french doors to.   So we asked about it and it was like 'gee I dunno" .    The sales person in the model homes told us that it happens automatically if you convert the study to a bedroom but the construction foreman doesn't think so.    It better be as I want my french doors.   You pay about 4500 for the conversion of the study to a bedroom and on top of that you lose french doors?   thats bs..


    WE left on Monday nite at 6pm and on Wed (yesterday) they had a blizzard in Colorado.  So we got out in time, but I would love to see what the house looks like with 22" of snow on it..



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Tuesday, December 05, 2006
By Tom Mullen

Tuesday, 05 December 2006

  • Went to Colorado over the weekend. (of course you did, you always are going to CO!)

    I went to Colorado over the weekend to check up on the house and take some pictures.  It was so clear on Saturday when I left.  One good thing about Santa Ana's -  Sure clears up the smog.

    When I landed it was 28 degrees, by 7pm it was 9 degrees.  That was a bit chilly.   Good thing the heater worked great in the rental car and the hotel room.  On Sunday it warmed up to about 32 degrees.   Didn't really need a jacket actually, long sleeve shirt was fine.   Went over to the house to check out what was going on with it.   It felt so much like the home in Torrance,  There were 2 pigeons that were living in the roof/rafters and the roof was leaking (well it didnt help that there weren't any windows on the 2nd floor installed yet)  



    siding and windows are being finished today - the roof is going to be started on Wednesday!


    Theres a little bit of snow in the house.   These windows were installed, but there were some in the next room that weren't yet. This is the house with the siding up.  They replaced the door that was not supposed to be there and put in a window.



    The backyard covered in snow. 


    I found out there are casinos in Colorado (not indian casinos, but state run)  About 45 minutes from the house up in the Rockies at about 8000 ft in a town called Blackhawk and Cedar City, an old mining town.  They have slots and poker and blackjack (didint see any roulette or craps or Pai Gow though)  Isn't Vegas but its a lot closer!

    Talked to the construction foreman today to find out the time table.  Initially they said that the house would be ready to be dry walled about 1/1/07, so we made our plans to go out about 1/5 to do the walk thru and pick ou the granite slab.   Well now he says that the house will be finished dry walled by 1/1/, so we have to go out sooner.    He says that it will be electrically all completed by 12/20.. so we have to go out 12/18 -12/19 to do the walk thru inspection to make sure everything is where we want it (all the cam lights and stuff that we ordered extra for the wall cutouts, etc.   We had already made reservations to go out 1/5  but I guess that weekend will be changed or we'll just go out to see the progress after we go out 12/18.   It changes so fast!    The right side of the house didnt have any siding yesterday, I went there today and its all done and they have all the windows in already.    The foreman said that they will start roofing on Wed, and that they will pour the cement in the back yard for the small patio and once they do that they'll start putting in the deck that we ordered.  Oh, the deck view that we have -  well check this out

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006
By Tom Mullen

Wednesday, 29 November 2006

  • It isnt extreme homemakeover - but its quick!

    It isn't Extreme home makeover but the house went from being a dirt lot to being framed in 30 days.  It's still a long way to get it to look like this on the left - but it has shape now!


    We asked for the house to be set back a bit since the lot is so large (14,000 sq ft) so they put it back 10' which is the maximum allowed. 

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006
By Tom Mullen

Tuesday, 21 November 2006

  • Thoughts

    Happy turkey day in 3 days.   My hand is feeling much better and the scar is getting better, but still numb and tingly.   The next surgery will be around Dec 3rd or so for the left hand.   Good thing I don't have any photo gigs coming up.   I wish I did but would really cramp my style to have to shoot totally one handed snce I couldn't hold the camera with 2 hands. 


    My old boss is retiring.  He actually retired last year but came back as a consultant for a year but is now officially retiring from being the chief of Police. He was a great guy to work with and very fair to you.   If you screwed up you didn't want to have to go to his office as he was truly disappointed in you more than "oh good I get to slam this yoyo'    


    The new chief hasn't been picked yet but its either one of two guys that I started with.  One was my academy partner.   Makes you wonder where I would have ended up if I would have not retired 8 years ago.   But I had a good time while I was there and never got really called into anyones office to get an ass chewing.   I didn't f'k up when I was a cop.  And we were one of the first police departments that had video cameras in the police cars so it would have been real stupid for any of us to have messed up and beat someone etc, as it would have been all over the news WAY before it became vogue to have that on the news every night.

    I don't think I've ever been in a pursuit that was on the news either.  Another good thing about retiring before they start each 10 pm newscast with a pursuit of some sorts here in LA.


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Tuesday, November 14, 2006
By Tom Mullen

Tuesday, 14 November 2006

  • a surgery update

    Well the cast is off the hand, its still really swollen and sore and numb.   But other than that I'm doing fine!

    Colorado is going slower than me in recouperation.   They just poured the foundation this past weeekend, and they said that by next weekend they will start framing.  We were supposed to go there last weekend to see the house entirely framed, but we postponed our travel since they had done nothing but grading and getting ready to pour the foundation.

    So our next trip out there probably won't be till Dec 3rd.  Still says the move will be the later part of March. 

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