Copyright Info



All images are protected by Federal Copyright Laws. I own the copyright to my images and therefore am the only one allowed to reproduce them.


What does that mean?? You are not allowed to reproduce any of the images by any means (personal computer/printer, picture makers at drug stores or copy stores). It also means that when there's the "Mullenphotography (c)" phrase on the bottom or top of the photos, or my logo, you can't just crop it out and use it on facebook or something. If a picture is posted on facebook with a copyright logo, you can't just crop it out and use it as your photo. You are happy to use it in its total form, but you can't just crop it out. One of the reasons that I post photos on facebook or my blog and tag you is to let you use the photo, but it also gives me publicity and spreads the word. If you crop out the logo, you're stealing my work and not giving me credit for it.


Violators will be subject to prosecution, which means I'll ask you nicely to remove the photo and repost the photo with its copyright information attached, or to the full extent of the law if it's not done. This is only meant as a way to protect my work so that what is being printed is a true representation of my work.


Understand?? If you don't please email me and I'll make it clearer. : )


Thank you!

Tom Mullen